Goodbye Switch Storage,
Hello Current Energy Storage

We've changed our name but you will still get the same reliable, complete energy storage system installed and up and running in less than two days.
All the Microgrid systems we offer are pre-engineered, pre-assembled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), and fully integrated with a powerful and flexible control system.

Current Energy Storage

We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and commissioning Energy Storage Systems for the past 5 years. We partner with ELM Fieldsight who manufactures the MG Series’ systems. These systems are pre-engineered, pre-assembled Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and are fully integrated through ELM Fieldsight’s control. The MG Series grid-connected systems support multiple ongrid functions including Peak Shaving, Demand response, Backup, and Resiliency. We also specializes in customized offgrid DC output systems.

Our experience working with a wide variety of Energy Storage Systems applications allows us to help EPCs and developers successfully integrate batteries into renewable projects. We pride ourselves in working with all our clients from system design and size optimization through to the final steps of system commissioning and training.

Design and Installation

System Sizing

If your goal is Microgrid Backup, understand site loads and inrush currents. If your goal is electric bill reduction, consider the optimal size  for maximum payoff.

Site Drawings

We develop custom drawings to show how the components will integrate from both a power and communications standpoint. 

Design Meeting

We will meet with your engineers to incorporate our site drawings into their engineering drawings and permit packet. Alternativey, our engineers can develop a stamped drawing for your project. 

Commissioning & Training

Once the system is in place, we will visit the site to commission the system and give an onsite system training. Training includes information on monitoring options.

Ongoing Consultation

Once the system is up and running, we will be available for consultation for backup and DCM functionality. Site loads and tariffs change over time allowing for opportunities to tweak the system functionality and optimize a system’s utility. 

Two-Day Installation

We are committed to offering a turnkey battery storage system which can be commissioned in one to two days. 

A fully-functioning microgrid is complicated and includes many components, large and small. The main components include an inverter, batteries, transformer, controller, monitoring & CTs, disconnects, HVAC, a grid disconnect relay, and fire suppression. Our Microgrid systems take all of these components, and assembles and wires them together in a climate controlled enclosure with a fire suppression system. The MG Series is pre-engineered and pre-tested Microgrid before shipment to the job site for a straightforward integration into the building’s electrical system.

The Current Energy Storage Solution

The MG SERIES Microgrid is a pre-engineered, pre-assembled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) fully integrated with a powerful and flexible control system.