Founders’ Vision

Deliver high quality, straightforward microgrids that are integral to reaching energy independence.

During the past decade, we at Current Energy Storage have seen first-hand, the significant growth and price deflation of the solar industry. This growth has put us on the tipping point of true energy independence. However, in order to reach energy independence, we will need to aggressively incorporate energy storage systems into the on and off grid infrastructure. Unfortunately, traditional energy storage systems are complex and expensive to install. We offer energy storage systems that can be installed and commissioned in a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional system. The end result is a commercial grade, web monitored, energy storage system which has the same sophistication as large utility technologies.

Current Energy Storage, an energy storage solutions provider was founded to meet a growing need in the energy storage systems. We offer systems for both small to medium commercial and large residential markets. Our systems can function as both true Microgrid Backup and Demand Charge Management Systems. Customers today require their storage systems to run an entire home or small business and not just a few key loads.

Windmill Back Up Energy


Mike Seavey
Michael Seavey

President & Founder​

Mike has been in the solar and energy storage business for over 10 years. His education includes an engineering degree from Texas A&M and an MBA from the University of Texas. Upon graduation he began a 22 year career in industrial and process automation with Festo Corporation. During this time, his career focused on machine robotics and automation for factory equipment.

In 2007 he began a new career with Gexpro where he was the branch manager for one of their large construction branches. During this time he viewed solar as the next big opportunity for electrical distribution. Due to his background and interest in renewable energy, Gexpro offered him the position as national solar manager where he had the opportunity to develop Gexpro’s national solar program. A few years after launching Gexpro’s solar program he then launched Gexpro’s storage program which became known as Gexpro Power IQ.

When Mike is not designing or supporting energy storage projects he can be found training for the occasional triathlon or road or mountain biking or with his wife of 30 years.

Current Energy VP, Marketing
Daniel Hill

VP, Sales & Marketing

I’ve been working in the solar and battery storage industry for the past decade and have designed and sold hundreds of solar and solar + storage systems. It has been exciting to see the many improvements in solar modules, racking, and inverters. With the increased availability of Lithium Ion batteries, microgrids have become more accessible. However, it is complicated, time consuming and expensive to assemble and install standard microgrids. The Current Energy Microgrid solves many of these challenges and will be important in pushing the industry forward. Customers tell me that installing a Current Energy system makes the process straightforward and painless. They also appreciate the option to get support for both the engineering and the installation of these fully assembled Microgrids.

Before working in the solar industry, I worked in the construction laser and consumer goods industries both domestically and internationally. I have a BS in Engineering Geology from San Diego State University and an MBA from the University of Oregon. When I’m not talking about Current Energy Storage, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 daughters as well as running with my dog in the hills of Portola Valley, CA.