Current Energy Storage MG Series

Assembled to the highest standards and shipped as a self-contained unit that can be installed outdoors or indoors.

Turnkey Solution

Factory Assembled



Pre-Installed Safety Labels


Managed Assets

Gas & Diesel Generation

Solar Generation

Distributed Battery Storage

Grid Power

Communications & Control

4G LTE Cellular

Ethernet Wifi, Satellite

Generator Start and Stop

Optimal Power Forecasting

Power Reliability Alerts

Isochronous Generation Control

Competitive Edge

Turnkey Solution

Climate Control and Fire Suppression

Customized Communications Drawings & 1-Lines

Microgrid Installation and O&M Guides

Turnkey Solution

Factory Assembled MG Series Microgrid

Pre-Engineered Battery Size Options (30 – 1,000+ kWh)

MG Series & H Series Systems Controlled by ELM Fieldsight

Built to UL 9540 Standard (stationary)

NEMA 4 Enclosure with 1,000 Hour Salt Spray Powder Coating

Thermal Management System Optimizes Battery Performance

Safety Labels Pre-Installed

3M™ Novec™ Fire Suppression

Manages Multiple Assets Simultaneously

Windmill Back Up Energy
Off Grid Sources
Solar Back Up Power
Building Energy Management System
Home Grid Resilience

Communications & Control

The MG and H Series systems are controlled with ELM FieldSight’s Microgrid Controller. It uses powerful, best in class computing hardware paired with sophisticated control and communication interfaces to enable the operator to efficiently monitor and control their microgrid assets from a single portal.

Consistent Power
Leverage “islanded” microgrids when the grid is down or not available.

Automated Optimization
Balance solar and gas generators autonomously.

Maximize Renewables, Minimize Cost
Use more on-site renewables to reduce energy cost.

Competitive Advantages

Download Resources

Data Sheets

H-Series |  PDF

MG Series 125 kW | PDF

MG Series 500 kW | PDF

MG Series 1000 kW | PDF